About Us

212Medikal is Turkey’s leading manufacturer of high-quality hair transplant products to assist surgeons in hair restoration surgery worldwide.

Since its establishment, 212Medikal has won the trust of industry professionals through the exceptional quality of its products and is currently a major player in the industry in Turkey with 60% market share.

Based in Istanbul, 212Medikal currently exports to 42 countries and has an international salesforce capable of providing quality support for its customers and partners.

We are renowned for our respect for the precision and quality of our products. From raw material to finished product, our perfect knowledge of steel and manufacturing techniques allows us to produce instruments that combine precision and innovation, while guaranteeing incomparable quality and prices.

Innovation and quality are the values that guide our internal R&D department in the research and creation of hair transplant products.

Everyone provides products and prices, but only a few provide quality and advisory expertise. Always listening to our customers, we offer instruments in which each shape is optimized, making the hair transplant treatment as efficient as possible for the patient and for the surgeon.

We measure our pursuit of


in your complete Satisfaction

Our Many Pillars

  • Listening to our customers

    By listening carefully to our customers, we respond to their requests by developing the instruments they exactly need. Our small structure allows us to be close to the client and to react very quickly to a particular request.

    Our goal is to create instruments that are the extension of the practitioner's hand.

  • Impeccable quality

    It is the quality that differentiates a real factory from a sloppy one.

    It results from several criteria. Our quality management system ensures a consistently high quality across all product groups.

  • Knowledge of raw materials

    No savings on raw materials!

    Our exceptional mastery of the medical steel industry allows us to produce instruments with remarkable mechanical characteristics. The production of our instruments is subject to the highest standards of precision and quality.

    We invest our total knowledge and skill for your satisfaction!

  • Manual Finishing

    Some parts as precise and varied as ours are handcrafted. Meticulousness, dexterity, inventiveness and know-how are the essential qualities of our craftsmen.

  • Shape intelligence

    The shape and angulation of a piece plays a very big role in the work of the practitioner. It is up to the manufacturer to study all the degrees of angulation to guarantee the balance of the instrument, the accessibility of the area to be treated and comfortable working.

  • Business ethics and Workplace Values

    We strive for integrity and compliance with the principles of business ethics throughout our entire business. Our work is intended to create an open and responsible business culture. Respect for the values ​​of others is essential. Each employee fully understands their role, feels valued and is fully invested in the common project.

  • Environmental awareness

    The environmental reflection of our production system was carried out according to the 3 R method: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

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