We measure our pursuit of Perfection in your complete Satisfaction


Listening to our customers

By listening carefully to our customers, we respond to their requests by developing the instruments they exactly need. Our small structure allows us to be close to the client and to react very quickly to a particular request. Our goal is to create instruments that are the extension of the practitioner's hand.

Impeccable quality

It is the quality that differentiates a real factory froma sloppy one. It results fromseveral criteria. Our quality management system ensures a consistently high quality across all product groups.

Knowledge of raw materials

No savings on raw materials! Our exceptional mastery of the medical steel industry allows us to produce instruments with remarkable mechanical characteristics. The production of our instruments is subject to the highest standards of precision and quality. We invest our total knowledge and skill for your satisfaction!

Environmental awareness

The environmental reflection of our production system
was carried out according to the 3 R method: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle